I Am What I Am
All tracks and video by Fred Kimmel

Co-mixed - Martin Breeson
All tracks and video - Fred Kimmel

co mixed by Martin Breeson
Somethin' Smokey
Music and Video - Fred Kimmel
Planet Earth
Coming Soon
Hi Bye
Tracks and Video - Fred Kimmel
Oh Yeah
Karaoke Rock
Sixteen year old vocal sensation Claudia rocks the building with the hit song from her debut music video. Music produced by dad Fred Kimmel. Special thanks to the K-ROCK Band and Palomba Academy of Music in the Bronx, NYC. Executive Producer Sumio Sone.

Music co-produced by

Martin Breeson

The Band:

Brandon Meenan

Dylan Taganas

Onyinye Omforgagio

David Santiago

Luca Philips

Giovanna D'Angelo

Ashley Fisher

The Karaoke Kids:

Nacio Rey

Angel Jimenez

Angela Jade George

Catherine Espina
It's A Freddy Rei Day - Presumptuous
Rock Band 101- Vocal Intro Live - Carry On My Wayward Son
One Day - Rock Band 101 Vocal Rehearsal